Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hello. In real life, I am a fifth year college student, studying communications media. I am currently lacking in the imagination needed to produce a better introduction.

In World of Warcraft, I play a blood elf shadow priest that goes by the name of Tsululu (The "Tsu" in Tsululu is like the "Tsu" in tsunami. So it's best pronounced as if the T wasn't there at all. )

I often times wish that I had picked a troll instead of a blood elf. Though I certainly would miss my arcane torrent if I were a troll. But a troll would be so much more badass.

The server I play on is Farstriders, an RP server with little to no RP ever taking place. Alliance outnumbers Horde about 3 to 1, and their guilds are always higher ranked than ours. This server is absurdly slow at raid progression. Seriously. No one on it killed Illidan until about a month before WotLK came out. And I'm pretty sure that to this day, no one has killed Kil'jaeden on Farstriders. At the end of Burning Crusade, this server was ranked last out of all US servers.

The guild that I am in, Ex Obscurum, is the top ranked Horde guild on this dinky server. We are one of two guilds that has killed 25-man Malygos, and the only Horde guild that has done so.
We started out in February 2008 as a sort of casual raiding guild, to just do Karazhan, ZA, and other such raiding. But thanks to some dedication on part of guild members, (and Blizz nerfing all the health of the raid bosses at the end of BC) we became the only Horde guild on the server to kill Illidan.

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