Wednesday, April 29, 2009

did i do something wrong?

why does the dk that bailed on us as soon as she got what she wanted from naxx but came back right before ulduar keep getting raid invites over me?

is it cause i'm shadow? is it cause i can only top out at 3.7k dps on some bosses? did i make the chick who does raid invites mad somehow? does she want me to stop rolling on gear that would better help mages and warlocks, who can pump out the really big numbers, so they can pump out even bigger numbers? i NEVER stand in the flame wall, i get away from people when i have the light bomb, and 9 times out of 10 when they call to wipe it, i'm still alive.

More info about pants

Got the Legwraps of the Defeated Dragon from Sapph last night. If I gem those, and wear those instead of my tier, the hit means I can replace my chestpiece with Digested Silken Robes that have been sitting around doing nothing. It's not much of a change in spell power, but its about 10 more crit. And if I can get the tier from Kel on Sunday, then I'll just wear those pants and the tier robe and be good on hit.

PISSED, though, that a PUG MAGE beat me out for Gothik's Cowl. I have seen that thing drop maybe TWICE. and he OUTROLLED ME. GOD DAMN IT. T_T There isn't much I want in this game right now more than a new helm.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

tier 8 pants

I have determined that I can't use my t8.5 pants just yet T_T
I'm losing almost 300 dps with them on. I ran three seperate tests on the dummies last night before the raid, and the t7 pants are consistently giving me more dps.
Couldn't actually check how it was in raid, since we were on Auriaya and if we wiped on it, we wiped within 3 seconds of the pull. Such a sensitive pull! Much worse than Fathom Lord back in SSC, and that one was touchy as hell.

I think it's that I just don't have enough haste stacked up to make it worth it yet. Mostly cause I tended to chose crit gear over stuff with haste. The crit of my t7.5 pants seems to be more beneficial at this point. Maybe once I get more haste, or if I get another piece of tier that the set bonus would make up for it.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


In a MUCH better mood after slaughtering three lvl 80 paladins out in Venture Bay. A dwarf pally came along and attacked me while I was trying to take the flag, I killed him and he did not return. Started to do the daily, saw another one attacking NPCs. Killed him without any resistance. He came back with a friend. I brought my warrior friend.... but he was at 1k latency and couldn't do much of anything. I ended up taking out both paladins at once. One prot, one ret. It was awesome. They kept coming back and we killed them both maybe 4 times.

Then some other horde came around, so they stopped getting uppity at us. A few times they rezzed, then immediately got on their flying mounts and went up in the air. ...I flew up to where they were, Shadow Word: Pain'd em then levitated to the ground. For some reason, they didn't fly away or anything. And they certainly couldn't land to try to heal. So they just died up there when the dot ticked away at them. Oh I am horrible.

And the person who got the robes is my darling blonde belfy priest twin, so that's a plus side :3

Friday, April 24, 2009


I should have known this would happen.

We were low on ranged DPS last week. People just didn't show up Friday or Saturay, probably because they thought we'd just end up wiping. So we started recruiting, mostly to send a message like "HEY! Start showing up, cause we'll replace you if you don't."

And we ended up recruiting a new boomkin, which is great because our one boomkin changed to a DK, the other is off training for some secret government job, and the other is dealing with finishing high school and getting ready for college so she can't raid anymore.

But tonight, the new boomkin got an invite to raid, along with some of the people who were not present at all last week- the very people who are the reason that we had to start recruiting- and I did not.


and the fucking robes of the umbral brute dropped.
i didnt even get a chance to roll on them.

getting there....

Guild is slowly regaining competence at difficult boss fights. Got Razorscale down Wednesday night, and got Deconstructor tonight. Had some really good attempts at Ignis, but had to stop attempts on him because we just didn't have enough tanks for the adds.
So we moved on to Kologarn, but by then it was late, and people were already pretty spent from the other fights. But this fight seems like it will be much easier than the other ones we've done so far. We got two good tries in before we had to call it for the night.

I freakin' hope we can drop Kologarn tomorrow night. LOOK WHAT HE DROPS- Robes of the Umbral Brute!! Those are the most beautiful freakin robes. They look AWESOME. Not that you'd ever see the detail if I wore them. They'd look all purple and see-through just like every other dress I wear.

Oh! I almost forgot to say something! I GOT MY TIER 8.5 PANTS OFFA THE NEW VoA BOSS :D Our other guild shadow priest wasn't there, so they pretty much got defaulted to me. Not that it would have mattered, I rolled a freakin 94. I NEVER roll that good on ANYTHING that counts. Hope I can pull a roll like that out again if/when those robes drop from Kolgarn.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Updates from Ulduar

FINALLY got Razorscale down. And we got through the Deconstructor's stupid lame-o trash.

About to take our first attempt on Deconstructor.

and 1.5 hrs later- got him down to around 15% three times. we'd best get him down tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Our guild is tarding out in Ulduar.
We tried to go in Tuesday night, but no one had their addons they were used to, and 80% of the raid had latency up around 2k.

We came back Wednesday night, tore through the siege engine part and got Flame Leviathan down. This seemed to give us a false sense of security. Because when we went onto the Deconstructor, we failed horribly. People didn't attack the adds during the adds phase, they didn't run out of the group when they got gravity or light bomb.... we wiped maybe 10 times. We gave up and tried Razorscale instead.
Razorscale was just stupid. People standing in the flames was the hugest problem. We'd be 30 seconds into the fight and 5 people would be dead. I couldn't even DPS cause I throwing bubbles up on people to try to give them more time to move out of the fire. We gave up for the night, figuring we'd do better the next night when we were fresh to the fight and didn't already have nearly a dozen wipes fresh in our minds.

Thursday night, I was a bit pissy. I left anime club early so that I could help out on raiding. Only to find out that I didn't get invited. Who got a DPS spot instead? A DK that had gotten the Armageddon out of Naxx a few months back, started having "internet problems" that miraculously cleared up a week before Ulduar came out. SHE got invited along rather than me or either of our two DPS warriors, when the officers have been saying since news of 3.1 and Ulduar came out that invites to Ulduar will be based upon attendance to Maly, Naxx and Sarth.
But my disappointment didn't last long when I saw that they were trying that new boss in VoA.... for like an hour and a half. It was nearly 9:30 and they were STILL in VoA. It was a typical thing of ours, to go hit up VoA before Naxx and get the quick badges, and some gear for someone. BUT THEY WERE IN THERE FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF.
I eventually get a whisper from our guild second-in-command, asking if I wanna come to the raid. I hesitantly say yes. I get to VoA, and we try that new boss in there. We wipe after less than a minute. WTF is goign on?! Why are we sucking so bad?
At that point, we were about to lose Wintergrasp, so we leave and go to Ulduar. Same problems that night as the previous night. We kept losing the SAME people over and over. Like, really? is it THAT HARD to notice your character is in the fire? And DON'T tell me your computer can't handle having the graphics up enough to see the fire. If MY computer can handle it, ANY computer can. And my computer is held together with STRING AND ELECTRICAL TAPE.

Friday and Saturday? Didn't have enough DPS. Had to cancel raid.


Good lord, I hope this week is better.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


First impressions of Ulduar. Too tired to make actual thoughts go.

Well, this is laggy. We'll come back Wednesday night to do it.
Helloooo Ulduar!
This is kinda cool, we're in TANKS!
Yeah, first boss down! That was pretty easy. Maybe this won't be too bad.
WHERE'S MY DPS? Oh, right, I can't do any cause I'M DEAD
Ok, see you again tomorrow night, Ulduar.