Friday, May 8, 2009

Good Golly Gosh, is Thorim a wacky fight.

Wednesday night, we head into Ulduar (with me along- yay!) and get down the first six bosses without much effort at all. I am pleased. I mean, for how much we have tarded out in the first couple weeks of this raid, I'm glad we finally are doing well.

Last night, we head in again. Get crazy cat lady (I can never remember her actual name) down in one shot, which I am REALLY pleased by, since that one Saturday two weeks ago we spent all of our raid time doing NOTHING but attempting to just get the pull right.

After that, we headed to Thorim. Golly Governor, is this fight a bitch. We tried it a few times last week after we first killed CCL late Thursday night, but due to crap attendance (AGAIN) we didn't go in on Friday or Saturday. So we got to Thorim at a decent hour this week.

So not only did I get to raid last night, but the other shadow priest in the guild (There's only two of us D: ) was finally finished with schoolwork and stuff so he was able to come along too.

Last night, the officers announced we have one new officer specifically for the healers, which is excellent because our GL is also our MT, three others are melee DPS (enh. shaman, rogue, DK,) two are tanks (paladin and DK,) and our last tank is on a bit of a WoW break since he and his wife just had their first baby (wow, we have a lot of officers. Is that normal?) Our second-in-command, and fiancee to our GL/MT, has a level 80 disc priest for PvP, but mains an enhancement shaman, and occasionally swaps specs and heals when needed. Now, I love her to death, but she can be a bit retarded at healing assignments. For example: putting holydins on raid heals, or just throwing me and the other spriest in with the group with other healers and then when DPS assignments come, forgetting to put us on anything cause we're in with the other holy and disc priests. And she seems to think that- even though she is a shaman healer for our raids- all healers can fade or PW:S themselves. So I am greatly pleased to see that our English professor by day resto shaman by night is now in charge of healers.

Anyway, the point of explaining all that was just to say that after all that, the other shadow priest and I declared ourselves co-presidents of all shadow priests in the guild.

The Thorim fight- which was supposed to be the main focus of this entry- was delicious for me and my shadow buddy. We were assigned to AOE on the little guys, while the other DPSers there were on the big elites. After the first couple tries, in which healers were tarded and stood next to the whirlwinders, My shadow buddy started to mind control the Warbringer adds. These give an aura that increases casting speed, which ended up being just plain silly fast. Like, constant bloodlust. Between him doing that, and my mind sear completely smashing everything, the arena held off really well in about 80% of our attempts. There were, of course, occasional problems, where a healer died, or a tank's taunt missed or he screwed up. But for the most part, it was tunnel that was taking their sweet ol' time in getting to Thorim. There's only so much we can handle before healers run out of mana, raid damage starts to build up, and more and more adds come in.

What I'd like to see is us with another shadow priest T_T If shadow buddy can Mind Control a warbringer for the haste buff, and then I could mind control a evoker to put up heals and that super bubble of theirs, and the other priest can mind sear.
Well, we might not even need another shadow. It could be a holy to MC, since they'd be using the mob's heals, which I've heard are really strong.
And who am I kidding anyway, I was in top 3 DPS on every attempt (even the ones where shadow buddy was mind searing too,) they need me on mind sear xD Save my mind controls for Razuvious (I love that fight.)

Some posts about SPriests in Thorim's Arena:

Also, that freakin PUG mage that stole my Gothik's Cowl at Naxx last week is a potential new recruit for our guild. Not sure how I feel about this.

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