Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Oh man.
I got into a guild premade, and we went into Warsong Gulch... The match lasted an hour and fifteen minutes. It was the most awesome WSG I've ever been in. My DK tanky friend actually had his Fort buff WEAR OFF and I had to re-buff him with it. I got like 7k honor from it @_@

Then we did an Eye of the Storm... I got into a tussle with an elemental shaman at Draenei ruins. It was like that time our two tanks dualed back in the day outside of Mag's. The fight lasted like four minutes, no exaggeration. We just kept healing and damaging, and mana regening. Finally a troll mage came up as back-up for me and the shaman ran away... giving neither of us the kill.

You know what else is awesome? RENTING PVP GEAR. Use badges to get pvp gear, do your PVP stuff, and return it within two hours to get all the badges back. xD

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