Monday, December 14, 2009

mind blast trials GO

Two minutes. Rotation I've been using for the past year. GO!

Trial 1: 3865
Trial 2: 3970
Trial 3: 3859 (A warlock from my guild happened by the UC dummies during this test!)
Trial 4: 4127

Two minutes. Mind blast only right after re-casting VT. GO!

Trial 1: 3953
Trial 2: 3841
Trial 3: DAMNIT I casted mind blast when I shouldn't have.
Ttial 3 (redo): 3991
Trial 4: 4020

(My right middle-finger, the one that always rests on the mind blast button was twitching the whole time.)

Average of normals: 3955
Average of less-mindblasts: 3951

Less mind blast is 4 less dps.

Well, if nothing else it isn't a DPS loss. It's not much of a gain either. I wonder if gear changes would change that. Like, if I had the t9 4 piece bonus with the extra MF crit, maybe less-MB would work better, since I'd be casting more MFs.

But all the freaking regular t9 I can get with badges have less stats than the t8 I already have D:<

And it might go even better with the t10 4 piece bonus. (MAN i cannot wait to get the badges for a piece of t10.)

But in the meantime, since with my current gear there seems to be pretty much no difference, I'm just going to stick with the rotation I'm more comfortable with. And maybe switch to less-MB if the particular encounter would call for it. Though I'm not sure when I'd have time to channel for 2.6 seconds but not cast for 1.3 seconds.

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