Friday, December 11, 2009

Shadow Priest Trinkets from 3.3

So I just got this trinket, Nevermelting Ice Crystals

I've seen it drop like twice before and figured it would be pretty nice, but then I got to looking at trinkets that came out in 3.3 and got to thinking about the effects that that Use would have with SW:P and how it works with the mind flay refresh mechanic.

And then looking at the comments on Wowhead, my vague ponderings were presented in a beautiful manner:

"This is insane for DoT classes, especially Shadow Priests, for the following reason. Pain & Suffering, when it refreshes SW: P, only resets the damage it does based off your spellpower value. In other words, if you have a trinket proc for an extra +590 spellpower, that will be applied to SW: P the next time you Mind Flay; and, when that proc fades, the next time after that you cast Mind Flay, the extra spellpower will be removed from SW: P's damage.

This, however, does not apply to any other damage-boosting stat. I.e., it does not apply to crit. If you were to use this trinket and then hard-refresh SW: P -- in other words, manually press the Shadow Word: Pain button again, rather than refreshing it through Mind Flay -- it would gain the 920 Crit Rating thanks to the buff, and that would remain for as long as that particular SW: P were kept on the target. If it is possible to keep that SW: P up for the remainder of the fight, it would maintain an inflated crit rate. At 45.91 Crit Rating required for 1% of Crit at level 80, that would equal a massive 20.04% continuous Crit chance boost on SW: P.

Naturally, if you also time the activation of this trinket with a situation in which the first button you cast is the refreshing of another DoT -- VT, for instance --then it is made impossible for the 920 crit rating to diminish before you have gotten that DoT up on the target again. Thus, another DoT besides SW: P benefiting from 20% increase in crit rate -- though, obviously, for a lesser time period.

I was going to just queue up for the specific dungeon (Pit of Saron) that the trinket drops in, but figured it would take way too long, and that with it being a new one, it would show up in the random dungeon list eventually.

Lucky for me, the first dungeon that popped was Pit of Saron.
Lucky for me, the group had already cleared all of the crap except for the gauntlet and the last boss which drops that trinket.
Lucky for me, the trinket dropped.
Lucky for me, I won the roll.

I swear to god this was the luckiest I have EVER been in WoW EVER.

Anyway, I'm sitting in Undercity as I type this, about ready to test it out on the target dummies. Shall report back with pie charts and possibly apple pie.


AHAHAHA! And speaking of bad ass Shadow Priest trinkets, the other spriest in the guild just got Muradin's Spyglass.

Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 131 (2.85% @ L80).
Equip: Each time you deal spell damage to an opponent, you gain 18 spell power for the next 10 sec, stacking up to 10 times.

Okay, I've run two trials with the trinket equipped instead of my Sundial of the Exiled. In one, I just DPSed as normal. And in the other I popped the Use on the trinket when my ShadowGreenLight was at maximum (which is 10/10 while soloing.)

First, without the use (I've got sw:p highlighted to show the crit %):

And with the use:

It's pretty darn clear to see that the trinket carried the crit boost through the whole fight, but I really didn't notice much of a dps difference. Both times I was at around 4k when I ran out of mana and couldn't continue. And SW:P on the trinket use test only did about 2% more damage overall.
If I do this again, (which I'm sure I will. I pretty much live at the UC test dummies.) I'll go on a timer rather than "Eh, I'll just stop when my mana bar feels like it."
I need to test it moar when it's not 11 at night and I have to wake up at 5:30 for work the next day.

Speaking of trinkets, I would like to take this moment to drool over one that has not yet been available on live servers. Dislodged Foreign Object. It drops from Rotface 25, which will be out, like... I forget when the next batch of bosses comes out.

But here's what it does:

Equip: Improves haste rating by 155 (4.73% @ L80).
Equip: Your harmful spells have a chance to increase your spell power by 105 and an additional 105 every 2 sec for 20 sec.



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