Sunday, April 26, 2009

tier 8 pants

I have determined that I can't use my t8.5 pants just yet T_T
I'm losing almost 300 dps with them on. I ran three seperate tests on the dummies last night before the raid, and the t7 pants are consistently giving me more dps.
Couldn't actually check how it was in raid, since we were on Auriaya and if we wiped on it, we wiped within 3 seconds of the pull. Such a sensitive pull! Much worse than Fathom Lord back in SSC, and that one was touchy as hell.

I think it's that I just don't have enough haste stacked up to make it worth it yet. Mostly cause I tended to chose crit gear over stuff with haste. The crit of my t7.5 pants seems to be more beneficial at this point. Maybe once I get more haste, or if I get another piece of tier that the set bonus would make up for it.

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