Friday, April 24, 2009


I should have known this would happen.

We were low on ranged DPS last week. People just didn't show up Friday or Saturay, probably because they thought we'd just end up wiping. So we started recruiting, mostly to send a message like "HEY! Start showing up, cause we'll replace you if you don't."

And we ended up recruiting a new boomkin, which is great because our one boomkin changed to a DK, the other is off training for some secret government job, and the other is dealing with finishing high school and getting ready for college so she can't raid anymore.

But tonight, the new boomkin got an invite to raid, along with some of the people who were not present at all last week- the very people who are the reason that we had to start recruiting- and I did not.


and the fucking robes of the umbral brute dropped.
i didnt even get a chance to roll on them.

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