Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Our guild is tarding out in Ulduar.
We tried to go in Tuesday night, but no one had their addons they were used to, and 80% of the raid had latency up around 2k.

We came back Wednesday night, tore through the siege engine part and got Flame Leviathan down. This seemed to give us a false sense of security. Because when we went onto the Deconstructor, we failed horribly. People didn't attack the adds during the adds phase, they didn't run out of the group when they got gravity or light bomb.... we wiped maybe 10 times. We gave up and tried Razorscale instead.
Razorscale was just stupid. People standing in the flames was the hugest problem. We'd be 30 seconds into the fight and 5 people would be dead. I couldn't even DPS cause I throwing bubbles up on people to try to give them more time to move out of the fire. We gave up for the night, figuring we'd do better the next night when we were fresh to the fight and didn't already have nearly a dozen wipes fresh in our minds.

Thursday night, I was a bit pissy. I left anime club early so that I could help out on raiding. Only to find out that I didn't get invited. Who got a DPS spot instead? A DK that had gotten the Armageddon out of Naxx a few months back, started having "internet problems" that miraculously cleared up a week before Ulduar came out. SHE got invited along rather than me or either of our two DPS warriors, when the officers have been saying since news of 3.1 and Ulduar came out that invites to Ulduar will be based upon attendance to Maly, Naxx and Sarth.
But my disappointment didn't last long when I saw that they were trying that new boss in VoA.... for like an hour and a half. It was nearly 9:30 and they were STILL in VoA. It was a typical thing of ours, to go hit up VoA before Naxx and get the quick badges, and some gear for someone. BUT THEY WERE IN THERE FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF.
I eventually get a whisper from our guild second-in-command, asking if I wanna come to the raid. I hesitantly say yes. I get to VoA, and we try that new boss in there. We wipe after less than a minute. WTF is goign on?! Why are we sucking so bad?
At that point, we were about to lose Wintergrasp, so we leave and go to Ulduar. Same problems that night as the previous night. We kept losing the SAME people over and over. Like, really? is it THAT HARD to notice your character is in the fire? And DON'T tell me your computer can't handle having the graphics up enough to see the fire. If MY computer can handle it, ANY computer can. And my computer is held together with STRING AND ELECTRICAL TAPE.

Friday and Saturday? Didn't have enough DPS. Had to cancel raid.


Good lord, I hope this week is better.

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