Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More info about pants

Got the Legwraps of the Defeated Dragon from Sapph last night. If I gem those, and wear those instead of my tier, the hit means I can replace my chestpiece with Digested Silken Robes that have been sitting around doing nothing. It's not much of a change in spell power, but its about 10 more crit. And if I can get the tier from Kel on Sunday, then I'll just wear those pants and the tier robe and be good on hit.

PISSED, though, that a PUG MAGE beat me out for Gothik's Cowl. I have seen that thing drop maybe TWICE. and he OUTROLLED ME. GOD DAMN IT. T_T There isn't much I want in this game right now more than a new helm.

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