Saturday, April 25, 2009


In a MUCH better mood after slaughtering three lvl 80 paladins out in Venture Bay. A dwarf pally came along and attacked me while I was trying to take the flag, I killed him and he did not return. Started to do the daily, saw another one attacking NPCs. Killed him without any resistance. He came back with a friend. I brought my warrior friend.... but he was at 1k latency and couldn't do much of anything. I ended up taking out both paladins at once. One prot, one ret. It was awesome. They kept coming back and we killed them both maybe 4 times.

Then some other horde came around, so they stopped getting uppity at us. A few times they rezzed, then immediately got on their flying mounts and went up in the air. ...I flew up to where they were, Shadow Word: Pain'd em then levitated to the ground. For some reason, they didn't fly away or anything. And they certainly couldn't land to try to heal. So they just died up there when the dot ticked away at them. Oh I am horrible.

And the person who got the robes is my darling blonde belfy priest twin, so that's a plus side :3

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